• Nicole Castonguay MN Wedding Photo
  • Nicole Castonguay MN Wedding Photo
  • Nicole Castonguay MN Wedding Photo

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Keegan and Courtney: Yosemite Engagement

February 19, 2018

There are just too many amazing things I could say about Keegan and Courtney. For starters, they are the most genuine, down to earth couple I have ever been able to shoot. We bonded over so many things - it felt like I was meeting up with old friends for a quick vacation. Spending a total of seven(ish) or more hours in the car together made for some good conversation and laughs. Courtney is a nurse; she decided to move to San Diego to work three years ago, where she met Keegan. Keegan is in the United States Navy; he will be going back overseas in a few months (thank you for your service!) and then will be coming back to plan their wedding in California in 2019 - I cannot wait! If this doesn't sound amazing enough, just a few months ago, they drove around the entire country of Iceland for two weeks... with Keegan topping the trip off by proposing. DREAMS! 


While all of this is so beautiful, the most noticeable thing about them is the way they treat one another. Courtney is so sweet - she has a contagious attitude and joyful spirit. Keegan completely impressed me. He opened the car door for her (multiple times), held her high heels, put on her shoes for her (because she was standing on a cliff in a dress), carried her across the big rocks, and held her hand while hiking to make sure she was safe. Most of all, Keegan was a good sport the ENTIRE TIME, doing everything he was asked (even if it sounded crazy). Guys like this are so hard to come across, and I am so happy for Courtney to have found Keegan. They both deserve each other and to spend the rest of their lives together. I am so excited for you both! 


I hope you love these photos of them as much as I do! Xx



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