i'm so glad you're here

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and i am a twenty-sum year old who has been doing photography for the past five years, three full-time. i consume anything that fuels my entrepreneurial spirit, and all things aesthetically pleasing. i may or may not use the word cute every third sentence, and i can be found day-dreaming on pinterest whenever i have a moment.
if you are into fashion, home decor, sunset nature walks, exploring new cities, and obviously wine & coffee, then we will get along great.

i'm nicole

a fact:

when it comes down to it, i am a home body but i do travel often. which i love. although the hours wasted in airports for delayed flights, uncomfy plane rides, running around trying to find my uber, sweating hauling around my luggage isn't my thing, once i get where i am going, every time it is worth it. the new places and faces i've seen has filled my soul in a way i could not have expected. and, it all makes being home that much sweeter.
i am based in minnesota. the cities are amazing - and the lake towns are just something you have to experience. if you know, you know. i recently bought my first house and it is kind of my pride & joy. when i'm not shooting or editing, i am planning the updates i want to do.

i absolutely love to sitting on my porch during warm summer nights, usually editing until bedtime. even though it's work, it really does not feel that way to me...that is how i know i found my perfect career.



yes really, you. i absolutely love seeing my clients happy. i am obsessed with capturing the
just-right, so-us, shot. it gives me such joy to be able to do this for those who desire to have their love documented, just as they are.
while shooting, i am your third wheel, go-to gal, and best girl friend for the day. i will fix your hair, tell you to move your hand here or there... i take pride in the little details. and you just can enjoy and relax, knowing i got you.
more than anything, i love to just be silly with my clients. prompts like "run towards me holding hands...but, like you're drunk" and the ridiculous shots that ensue, will have us laughing together the rest of the day. and between the crazy, you will get a few of those just-right, so-us, shots.


so why do i do what i do ?









i am always on the look out for new adventures. let me know where we are we going, if it is down the road or out of state, i will be there. i hope to hear from you and discover your story, as you just did mine.